Arrange Oppositenesses

Contrasts in the Chinese landscape garden: the "laughing" and the "threatening"

chinese garden landscape painting

Apart from the spatial arrangement, the garden contrast effects play an important role. Contrasts turn toward the world of emotion of the beholder. Neglegting the presentation of these "corresponding contrasts" the arrangement will be without any attention and will bore the beholder.

Architecture < <|> > nature
The contrast between work of man and luxeriance of nature is the theme in German garden style.

Amusement < <|> > melancholy
The "laughing" and the "threatening" is the theme in the Chinese garden.

Light < <|> > shade
Shade garden, Mediterranean garden

hard < <|> > softly

horizontal < <|> > vertically
Arrangement by means of grasses - bamboo... water

Peace < <|> > movement
Arrangement by means of water

Height < <|> > depth
Theme: Art - and architecture garden

Distance < < > > proximity
wide views - intimate regions

and now: find further representation of possibilities of contrasts... ;-)

chinese garden landscape painting

Architecture and nature associated to a picturesque effect. (Ludwig Winter garden in Bordighera/Italy about 1900. The arranging of the columns is related to the life work of the owner: the culture of palms.)

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